I SPECIALISE IN INTERACTIVE, FORM BENDING THEATRE THAT PLACES THE AUDIENCE AT IT’S HEART. I trained at the International School of Corporeal Mime and continue to work in physical theatre across different forms, including clown, Viewpoints and Actor-Chorus-Text.  >>> PERFORMANCE ARCHIVE >>>

In 2015, I founded HOAX with Ayesha Tansey and Sarah Fraser, a theatre company dedicated to championing strong female characters through the grotesque and the comedic. We create performances and organise topic-led creative workshops. >>> HOAX >>>

Since then, I have a managed five productions for HOAX and supported numerous other companies in different aspects of the production process from idea development to project evaluation. While I do not produce for other companies, I do collaborate with artists across disciplines to workshop their creative ideas into concrete and ecologically sound plans and communications materials for audiences, partners and funding bodies. >>> INTERESTED? EMAIL ME >>> 

Clients and collaborators behind the scenes, past and present, include Croydon Cycle Theatre, Lotan Sapir, All In Theatre, Dance Research Studio, Luminary Theatre, Lincoln Centre for Performing Arts,  Cie Tabasco, Theatre Re, Noh Budget Theatre, Proactive Dance, Westminster Society for People with Learning Difficulties, Twisted Hip, OneTaste Cabaret for Happy Days International Beckett Festival Enniskillen, Pathways Design and Green Roofs for Healthy Cities.