One Taste Cabaret (2011-2013)


The OneTaste Cabaret is a collective of cheeky and exceptional performing artists who create a unique world of multi-sensory, immersive, theatrical cabaret experiences. This cabaret troupe were conceived in London and born from the fields of the OneTaste Village at the UK summer festivals! Their director, Lotan Sapir cut her teeth performing, choreographing and directing for legendary companies such as Secret Cinema. They create spellbinding moments that transport their audience into another world, free from inhibitions, where they can carry out the boldest act in our human experience: to let go, laugh and love.

One Taste CabaretOne Taste Cabaret

Producer, Compair, Creative Director: Lotan Sapir / Costume, Performer, Assistant to the Producer: Flavia Bertram / Performer, Assistant to the Producer: Margherita Franschesci


Published by HOAX

HOAX is a company of theatre makers. We produce provocative, unapologetic and contemporary work that blends text, physical theatre and comedy to give a voice to social and ecological issues.

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