Buster’s Silver Screen Daydreams (2013)

Commissioned by HAPPY DAYS Beckett Festival Enniskillen 2013

August 23rd, 24th, 2013 / 7pm At The Salle de L’Union

OneTaste Theatre invite you to dive into the ticking clock of Buster Keaton’s mind through an unusual blend of classic cinema, mime and striking physical theatre.

Drawing on cinematic and theatrical conventions this show examines the commonality between Beckett’s and Keaton’s work: both men investigated the irremediable loneliness of the human experience.

Buster's Silver Screen Daydreams

Directed By: Lotan Sapir & Flavia Bertram /Produced By: Eleni Kyriacou / Executive Producer: Dannii Evans / Cast: Lotan Sapir, Miguel Hernando Torres Umba, Lucy Ridley, Lauren Bridle, Flavia Bertram, Zoot Lynman/ Costume/Design: Eleni Kyriacou & Flavia Bertram / Video Editor: Rosie Jones / Sound Editor: John Hendicott / Lighting Designer: Anna Barrett / Lighting Operator: Jack Cawley / Videographer: Bella Riza / Special Thanks: All of the Happy Days Team, Sean Doran, Julien Thomassett, & Building Bloqs

Published by HOAX

HOAX is a company of theatre makers. We produce provocative, unapologetic and contemporary work that blends text, physical theatre and comedy to give a voice to social and ecological issues.