The Lonely Room (Touring)

Flavia Bertram Mime Physical Immersive Theatre London Performer

“The Lonely Room held me in a mystical and entrancing spell throughout” – Dulwich on View

“Thoughtful and Thought Provoking”  – UK Theatre Network

“What can I say. The Score is shattering!” – The New Current

The Lonely Room is an enchanting dance theatre duet by Eloise Carles and Flavia Bertram telling the story of two women, each with their own dreams and ambitions, who meet in the in-between of life. This story is inspired by the different sides of our minds: the dreamer and the tactician and the personality clash that happens when the two meet. Blending dance and corporeal mime and accompanied by an atmospheric score by Michael Neo and etherial lights by Andres Velasquez the duo create a timeless world of dreams, hopes, and conflicting desires.




Eloise Carles

Flavia Bertram

Michael Neo


ELOISE CARLES is a performer and illustrator from France. She performed for four years with Emmanuel Oger’s company “ Le Jour Se Lève”. She left France to study at the International School of Corporeal Mime directed by Steven Wasson and Corinne Soum in London. Thereafter, she joined Le Theatre de L’Ange Fou for one season in their summer residence in Spring Green, Wisconsin. She works now as a freelance mime performer and illustrator.

FLAVIA BERTRAM is a physical theatre performer and director who trained in Corporeal Mime. She has performed with Twisted Hip, OneTaste Cabaret, OneTaste Theatre’s Buster’s Silver Screen Daydreams commissioned by Happy Days International Beckett Festival Enniskillen. Most recently she has co-devised Tack-On Tours in association with the London Festival of Architecture and In TRANSIT Festival.

MICHAEL NEO is a composer, lyricist, sound designer and recordist working in theatre and film. Notable examples of his work include ‘Flatmates V Zombies’ (Camden Fringe 2013 top picks); two film trailers showcasing digitised British Council archival footage; ‘Milk Teeth’ (International Physical Theatre Festival 2013) and recording stand-up comedian Yianni in binaural audio (Yianni: Numb and Number, 2012).



October 28-30th, 2014 @ Blue Elephant Theatre, London

November 25-29th, 2014 @ Mimetic Festival at The Vaults, London



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